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Crafted with innovative technology to propel your company into the realm of Industry 4.0,  MagoWeb, a next-generation application, is meticulously designed for a landscape that prioritizes security, efficient distribution, and seamless operation within both Public and Private Networks.

Embracing the cloud, MagoWeb is tailored to unleash your business’s complete potential, turning new technologies into valuable opportunities for growth and success.

Unlock success in a fiercely competitive landscape with an integrated solution at its core. Experience the comprehensive MagoWeb product portfolio that goes beyond traditional ERP software, offering a wealth of solutions spanning from retail to project management.

Fueling constant innovation, MagoWeb‘s business applications seamlessly cater to diverse industry sectors and dimensions, ensuring your business thrives in the ever-evolving market

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Mago InStore App

Check availability of items and transfer them from other shops, re-order products from suppliers and manage the receipt of goods, plan inventories directly from your smartphone or tablet. For effective store, warehouse and customer management.

Designed for: store manager and sales assistant in fashion retail (clothing, shoes, accessories) and food service (restaurant, chains, large-scale distribution)

Mago WMS mobile

Picking, packing, inventory, goods receipt and many other functions for managing warehouse and logistics operations integrated with your ERP System. The warehouseman works faster and more efficiently.

Designed for: storekeeper and warehouse manager

Mago KPI Dashboard

Interactive dashboards and charts to monitor KPIs in real-time and measure business performance. Visualize data and make strategic decisions directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Designed for: CFO, CEO, marketing and sales manager

The best ERP solution for your company... also Cloud!

Discover MagoCloud

MagoCloud is a new generation ERP software designed for a cloud scenario, with a focus on security, distribution and the ability to operate in a public or private cloud.

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