Warehouse and Logistics

Optimized warehouse and transparent logistics for industry leadership.

From branches with centralized warehouses to wholesalers, cash & carry, eCommerce sales and production logistics: MagoWeb ensures the complete centralization of all processes.

Streamline your business with applications designed to optimize the entire logistics chain, inventory management, shipping and payment.

The benefits of
Logistics and Inventory
for your Company

REDUCED COSTS of storage with the Multi-warehouse and suppliers in the supply chain

LESS ERRORS and uncompromising control with the Android Mobile App

Faster CUSTOMER SERVICE, fewer picking routes and cross-docking

PERFECT MANAGEMENT of supplies in stock thanks to the control of the replenishment.

Powerful applications for comprehensive and complete management of logistics processes


Manage the goods and their handling in a rational way. The module’s functionalities allow you to encode articles and services and navigate graphically through the articles to view their data.

Lots and Serials

Download the articles from the warehouse and automatically update the data, allowing a parameterized management. You can follow the life of all items and search for them in a simple, fast and safe way.


Optimise stocks and costs with Warehouse Management System, designed to receive, store, move goods, design the warehouse and integrate with the other modules.

WMS Mobile

With WMS Mobile you have the warehouse in the palm of your hand. It is priceless for performing all operations with just a few beeps: from loading and unloading to transfers, from packing and unpacking to inventories.

Barcode Manager

Manage the loading/unloading with a barcode reader. Barcode Manager translates information, minimizing keyboard input and increasing speed, security and benefits.

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