Development tools

Scalability and advanced customization of your ERP


Flexibility is one of the key features of MagoWeb.
The ability to adapt to different business needs is further enhanced by development tools: My Mago Studio, Reporting Studio Designer, Mago API and Task Builder Web.

My Mago Studio

MagoWeb is tailored to the way you work. You can carry out your daily activities in a “familiar” interface where form and function come together to ensure excellent performance. My Mago Studio allows you to modify the MagoWeb interface and documents.

Customize your ERP documents and interface

Edit the application menu, add and extend enumerations, edit tables, add columns and variables

Update existing MagoWeb documents and create new ones, adding grids and fields to the logical database

Customize and create new batches, hotlinks, and radar procedures

Import and export customizations generated between subscriptions


  • Web-based interface, operate in the browser directly on objects
  • Changes made are managed by logical DB and stored in a dedicated json structure
  • With each new release, My Mago Studio features are increased, allowing you to customize more objects

Designed for advanced users who are familiar with the application structure and data of MagoWeb

Reporting studio designer

Extract relevant data for your analysis from customized reports and choose the most suitable graphical visualization to catch insights.

Create custom reports for a data-driven strategy

Customize standard MagoWeb reports, changing both their graphical appearance and data extraction

Create new reports from scratch according to your business needs

Create new objects with simple drag&drop

Edit or create new MagoWeb Dashboards


  • Enable editing functionality directly in MagoWeb
  • Extract data by using the SQL language
  • Appealing Data visualization thanks to secondary charts and layout

Designed for advanced users with knowledge of the SQL language and developers.


Business information systems today are no longer independent “silos” that hide information from each other, but must work interconnected to give the best possible support to business processes. With MagoAPI you will have programmatic access to all ERP functions to better automate your systems.

Creates powerful and reliable integrations

Industry-standard protocols, REST endpoints with JSON payloads

Full control over access grants

Getting and posting of the most common business documents in each application area

Specialized “Open” API modules for vertical sectors: POS, e-commerce, MES, …


  • Provide access to a wide range of ERP resources and processes
  • Full documentation and samples provided
  • Supports worldwide standards such as Swagger and Postman

Designed for developers

Taskbuilder Web

The MagoWeb offer is very comprehensive, but it may be necessary to create customized solutions, for specific needs and sectors. With TaskBuilder web you develop your ideas and turn them into vertical solutions that are seamlessly integrated with MagoWeb. You have at your disposal the same tools that our team use to develop the suite of our products, management and platform

Expand the functionalities and potential of Magoweb

The development platform par excellence

Create verticals and applications that work in symbiosis with the ERP

Implement solutions that add functionality and expand the areas of application of your ERP

Porting of vertical solution already implemented for Mago4, the on-premise solution of Mago family


  • Expand MagoWeb functionality without changing the source code
  • Make vertical solutions available in on-premises configuration

Designed for developers.

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