Sales and Purchases

Streamlined procedures from offering to billing:

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Learn how to effectively manage the entire active and passive cycle with Magoweb, thanks to advanced features and application modules designed to take care of the entire sales and purchasing process, from ordering to electronic invoicing.

In MagoWeb’s management of the sale and purchase phases, all information is easily accessible, everything is visible in detail, but simple and transparent: so the execution of orders is immediate, and registration is quick and error-free.

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The advantages of
Sales and Purchases
for your Company

of processes through individual inventory paths

thanks to the related documents

of detections through automated procedures

thanks to the central information platform

All the features to manage the active/passive cycle

Sales Orders

Manage orders, offers and contacts, in different currencies, manually or automatically. MagoWeb considers the quantities in stock and provides a delivery date, helping you with pricing policies and order analysis.


Assistance in all sales operations thanks to the control over the process of each single order, integrating currency management and schedules. Management of the entire active cycle, including Electronic Invoicing and archiving.


Allow to set the parameters for the automatic calculation of the Environmental Contribution in the Item Category and generate the sales invoices with the related contribution from which the CONAI entries will be created.


You can calculate the contribution for the disposal of electronic waste by setting the parameters for the automatic calculation of the different categories, automatically charge the eco-contribution in the invoices, generate and control the WEEE entries.

Credit Limit Management

Punctual management of the credit line granted. Thanks to different criteria you can keep under control the reliability of your clients, considering their exposure to you and specifying the action to be taken.

Purchase Orders

Set up cost optimization policies and reduce the volume of fixed assets in stock. Ensure total control of supplies, to carry out automatic reorders and flexibly define policies and prices.


Administration of incoming goods and related payable invoices, with regard to the recording of all purchase documents. Check the conformity of the goods and manage Bulletins, VAT registers, prices and much more.

Sales Force Management

Codes Agents and Policies and calculates commissions with different types of calculation and accrual. The personal and contractual data reside in separate registers; the printouts provide complete information.

Quality Inspection

MagoWeb Quality Inspection records the testing operations on the purchased goods and detects discrepancies, automatically generating the Inspection Order and the warehouse movements or the return document, based on the outcome.

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing manages the issuance, transmission and storage of invoices, allowing you to abandon paper and costs of printing, mailing and storage, ensuring the security of data and information.

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