Features for MAGO

MagoWeb: Extending Your ERP Capabilities for Enhanced Management

With MagoWeb you have a suite of features that extend the ERP infrastructure. They allow you to monitor errors and worker activities, define roles and access levels to your data, define which information do you want to share between headquarter and branches.


Do you want to launch deferred invoicing every last Thursday of the month at 3 p.m.? With Scheduler, you can plan tasks and run them automatically, at any time.

Plan and automate repetitive processes

Set single jobs (such as deferred invoicing) or a sequence of jobs (invoicing, printing and financial records)

Set the automatic execution date in the Scheduler calendar

MagoWeb automatically executes the tasks in the order you have defined, without your intervention

Any errors and interruptions in the procedure are reported by the system


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for the Power user Scheduler
  • Save time by delegating repetitive tasks to MagoWeb
  • Optimize work and reduce business costs


Who? What? When? We are not talking about the famous 5W rule of journalism but about Auditing functionality. The feature provides a log tracking of the activities carried out by ERP users and therefore collects information on who did what and when.

Monitor errors and track user activity

Verify login and logout activities; opening, saving and closing documents; running batches and reports

Grafana dashboard offers you an intuitive log visualization, you can apply filters and analyze data


  • Up and running in no time
  • Constantly track and monitor data, processes and Mago users’ actions
  • Grafana Dashboard makes it easy to check logs and identify errors


When it comes to enterprise DB, attention to data access and security are crucial. Security makes it easy for you to define who can log in to the ERP, modify, and update specific data.

Manage data access with a focus on security

Set up roles and resources by taking advantage of the “Company layout”

Manage permissions to consult, update and modify objects (such as documents, reports…), according to the roles assigned

You have control over the document browse

The Security Admin manages all configuration procedures, assigns roles and examine problems


  • Ability to set incremental permissions for users with multiple roles
  • Smart alert in case of ERP updates that require the attribution of new permits

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