Innovation & Continuity

Magowebarchitecture is designed to address three main requirement

Experience the power of Magoweb

Unleash the potential of MagoWeb, meticulously crafted with scalable server components powered by Microsoft’s cutting-edge .NET Core technology. The underlying Business Objects platform, delivers unparalleled performance for seamless business transactions.

Scalability at its core

Magoweb embraces modern scalability approaches, incorporating the state-of-the-art best practices for web and cloud applications design. Our commitment to scalability ensures your system grows effortlessly to meet evolving business needs.

Friendly Front-end

Immerse yourself in a contemporary Single Page Application (SPA) experience, as Magoweb’s front-end is based on the Angular framework. Enjoy a modern and intuitive interface that enhances user interaction and productivity.

Performance strenght

Magoweb strategically leverages the robust and reliable Mago product family codebase, a testament to years of proven performance and completeness. This thoughtful integration ensures a seamless transition into the future, combining the strength of the past with the innovation of tomorrow.

Full speed automation

Magoweb is integrated with the most innovative Cloud applications on the market, ready to use, to achieve true automation of all management processes.

Magoweb: integrated with the world

The contemporary cloud environment necessitates a forward-thinking approach, emphasizing the collaboration of diverse systems rather than consolidating everything into a single stack. MagoWeb takes this approach by exposing its comprehensive business logic through an ERP back-end, featuring a robust set of RESTful web APIs that operate both synchronously and asynchronously.

Our platform offers dedicated Data Services and Reporting Services, enabling seamless querying of the system for data retrieval and processing. Each application Business Object (e.g., Customers, Sale Orders, etc.) supports both POST and GET functionalities. Furthermore, our Mago Service Hub (MSH) backbone facilitates communication between applications relying on an industry-standard message broker such as RabbitMQ.

Unlock the potential of our Business Logic API, which exposes critical functionalities such as item balances, currency conversions, and default price policy settings, ensuring a dynamic and responsive cloud ecosystem.

The structure is crafted following web and cloud standards, ensuring a distinct division between front-end components and back-end services. A sleek Angular single page application constitutes the front-end, finely packaged and optimized. On the back end, a suite of .NET Core microservices collaborates with legacy business components. Company subscription data resides in a cluster of databases, with PostgreSQL as the default and support for SQL Server.

Why choose MagoWeb

Alright, I'm on board! What's the next step?

Choose between the Packages specifically designed for your company or build your own ERP solution à la carte.

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