Magoweb,the power of innovation: equip your customers with cutting-edge solutions

MagoWeb is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and it is the complete solution for the management and control of your company in business-oriented logic.

It is a flexible and scalable solution, with many modules for the management of all business processes of SMEs, with the possibility of adapting each configuration to the customer needs.

MagoWeb generates value by producing economic benefits thanks to product features hitherto related to high-end solutions and reserved for the few.

MagoWeb Network

MagoWeb business network is promoted, supported and coordinated by our technical and commercial staff. The distribution network is based on three different types of Partners, differentiated according to the level of completeness of the services that can be provided. 

Partnership levels

Partnership levels

How to become our Partner

Being our Partner is simple and guarantees you the sharing of successful methodologies, knowledge and experiences.
Become a partner of the leading Italian group in the software and services sector and discover all the opportunities to increase your business:

  • thanks to the innovation with which we design our solutions, you can anticipate competitors and future changes
  • the completeness of the offer will allow you to enter new competitive businesses, to differentiate yourself and to become the only supplier of your customers
  • you can improve your profitability thanks to a business model focused on partners

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