Precision and punctuality for the manufacturing company

Magoweb offers you a complete manufacturing solution that avoids unnecessary downtime while increasing production efficiency, quality and profit margins.

Magoweb includes modules to plan, schedule, monitor, manage and analyze the manufacturing process from start to finish, giving a real-time visibility and control over the entire supply chain.

MagoWeb is the perfect fit for you!

The benefits of
Manufacturing Planning
for your Company

thanks to the central information platform

of orders thanks to multiple simulation

and dynamic calculation of availability of materials

on current and planned orders

All functions for every manufacturing
and supply chain planning and management

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Link your Bill of Material to your items. Define and explore its components and operations in a multi levels environment. Manage costs and times in a simple manner both for In-house and Outsourced Work Centers, for Workforce and Operations needed to complete your products adding all manufacturing details to all desired item master data.


Produce and manage similar products based on a single list of common parts. With an appropriate function starting by a single BOM you can only specify details to be modified and obtain a variant of the desired item.


Depending on commercial needs, you can dynamically define the product composition alternatives, defining the desired variant of your product automatically and only answering to a pre-configured set of questions that choose and add for you the proper Bill of Material components and operations.

Basic Manufacturing

The entire set of functionalities that add documents, automatic procedures and reports needed to manage your particular and unique manufacturing process. Plan and Manufacturing Order documents simple to create and use, development and confirmation procedures to dynamically follow all your progress, reports and analysis to always have under control your manufacturing process.

Advanced manufacturing

Satisfies all your needs with additional features for your Basic modules. Manage in details manufacturing times and costs, take trace of material picking and consuming events, manage an infinite alternation of internal and outsourced Operations and Working Centers. Correct your error going back to the start or declare your Second Choice or Scrap products


Manage use and maintain tools during and before your manufacturing activities. Take care of usage, consumption and substitution of your instruments in an easy manner thanks to procedures and reports that control their entire life cycle.

Manufacturing Mobile

Manage your manufacturing process through mobile devices. Start, follow and complete your manufacturing activities using a simple interface ensuring the correct flows of goods inside you company.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Simulate and plan your manufacturing and purchase activities, propose new orders in a future horizon of time and satisfy all material requirements according to your inventory and customer’s needs. Confirm your analysis results optimizing production, stocks in inventory and supplier costs.

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