Document Management System

All document management functionalities integrated with your ERP.

Store files of different formats and attach them to MagoWeb documents easily thanks to the integrated Document Management System.

The advantages of
MagoWeb DMS
for your Company

Organize documents, data and information, collected from various sources, in the same integrated ERP repository.

Easily find and share data and information with all departments in your company.

Security protocols keep your data safe.

Optimize your work, reduce paper usage and free your office space from a mountain of paper documents.

Collect, order, organize, store, manage data and documents.

With MagoWeb DMS you can organize and store business documents from different sources and share them easily. Think about how many quotes, invoices, orders and accounting and tax documents are generated, sent and received by your company’s departments every day.
With MagoWeb Document Management System you can record and manage these documents centrally, creating a single, integrated archive. Access to the documents saved in the DMS is easy and immediate for all company departments.

Store your digital documents.

With MagoWeb DMS you can store different file formats (word, pdf, excel, jpg, etc.) in your database archive. You can upload files from your file system, register and attach them to one or more documents in your ERP. You can also save, archive and share all documents and reports generated in MagoWeb ERP.

Find documents easily

Do you need to share a specific document with your team or a customer? You can find it quickly thanks to a bunch of useful filters that help you to save time in the research. Moreover, starting from a specific MagoWeb document you can browse all the attachments and get relevant information in a few moments.

Digitalize business practices and processes

MagoWeb DMS supports your company in the digitalization process by integrating a variety of documentation, that comes from different sources, into the company’s information system. You can track the flow of your documents and make the sharing of data and information between departments and externally to customers and suppliers more effective. It also makes documents available and unalterable over time.

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