MagoWeb meets the needs of a growing number of industry sectors in many ways.

Thanks to the product design in 4 versions that take into account the level of complexity of your company, you can find the perfect MagoWeb configuration for all your needs. No constraints: at any time you can request to switch to a different version from the one initially chosen.

If you don’t recognize your company in any of the available configurations, you can customize MagoWeb and build your own ERP à la carte solution, selecting the perfect functionality for your business.

Discover the MagoWeb editions designed for you or visit the store and configure your personalised MagoWeb.


Entry level solution suitable for small businesses. It covers the basic functions for administration and sales management, together with customer risk management, inventory, bill of materials.


Structured but at the same time streamlined solution, designed for growing companies. In addition to the basic functions provided by the Standard, the Premium Edition supports agile and lightweight processes such as pricing, right down to the most complex procedures.


Solution designed for SMEs in the commercial, industrial or service sector. It adds many advanced features to the Premium plan, proving to be the perfect version to manage the entire business cycle, from the offer to production planning and logistics.


Solution designed for manufacturing and commercial companies, with higher control needs of the corporate strategic framework. The advanced tools make it possible to adapt to the continuous variations in demand and in general to market conditions: from administrative, logistics and production cycle management to subcontractors, together with the most efficient analysis and reporting tools and complete security solutions.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs, directly from the MagoWeb store.

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Remember that, in addition to the MagoWeb editions provided, you can design MagoWeb à la carte.

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Together we will understand the needs of your company and the most suitable configuration to solve them.

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